We're upgrading the M80 Ring Road from Laverton North to Greensborough.

Early works begin

To prepare for major construction, we’ve started geotechnical investigations, inspecting bridges and surveying areas near the freeway.

This information will help refine our design and determine our construction methodology. It’ll also assist us with developing our construction and environmental management plans.

Geotechnical investigations

We’ve set up temporary construction sites on the north and south sides of the Blaxland Avenue pedestrian overpass and the Edgars Road Greensborough Bound exit ramp to carry out geotechnical investigations.

These works involve the use of a small rig to drill boreholes into the ground to collect samples so we can test local ground conditions. Each borehole is approximately 100mm in diameter and will be bored to a depth of up to 25 metres.

Geotechnical drilling will have minimal impact and all sites will be reinstated once works are complete. You may notice a minor increase in noise and dust during these works, however we’ll make all efforts to minimise impacts on local residents and businesses.

Temporary signage and fencing will be in place to guide you around our work areas while the works take place.

Bridge inspections

From early February to late March we’re inspecting bridges along the M80 Ring Road between Sydney Road and Edgars Road.

During the inspections, we’ll  assess the condition of each bridge to determine whether it will need to be upgraded or maintained as part of the project.

The following bridges are being inspected:

  • Sydney Road overpass
  • Mahoney’s Road overpass
  • Merri Creek Bridge
  • Industrial Avenue overpass
  • Central Creek Bridge
  • M80 Exit Ramp Bridge to M31
  • M80 Bridge over M31 Exit Ramp
  • Blaxland Avenue overpass
  • Edgars Road overpass
  • Kathryn Street Bridge.


During our early works, you may also notice our survey team using laser scanning technology to collect 3D measurements and data. The data collected will help refine the future design and inform the final construction methodology of the upgrade.

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