We’re upgrading Dohertys Road in Laverton North to improve access to key freight routes and industrial areas.


We've upgraded the intersection of Dohertys and Fitzgerald roads with new traffic lights and one extra lane in each direction. By mid-2020, the relocation of services will be complete, and the remaining left slip lanes will open.

We installed the truss structure of the Federation Trail pedestrian overpass over Dohertys Road in February. The completion of the bridge is expected by mid-2020.

The intersection upgrade at Hume Road is complete with traffic lights operational by the end of June 2020. In March, we also installed new traffic lights at the entrance to Port Philip Prison.

Current works

Between Gordon Luck Avenue and Grieve Parade

We've opened the new eastbound lanes. We’re currently completing the centre medians on the road. While we do this work, there will be some lane reduction. The completion of the lane duplication is expected by mid-2020.

Between Fitzgerald Road to Hume Road  

The intersection upgrade at Hume Road is complete with traffic lights operational by the end of June.

We’ll open the new traffic lanes by then end of May. While we complete the internal lanes, one lane in each direction will be temporarily in operation until work in the area is complete.

Between Hume Road to Cyanamid Street

We’ll switch traffic onto the new traffic lanes by the end of May with one lane in each direction temporarily in operation, until work in the area is complete.

Between Cyanamid Street and Cherry Lane

We’re building a new roundabout at Cherry Lane and Cyanamid Street.

Before the end of May, we’ll open the new carriageway between Cyanamid Street and Cherry Lane. Until mid-2020, one lane in each direction will be in operation while we complete the remaining work.

Dohertys Road (Foundation Road to Palmers Road), Truganina

Work is progressing between Foundation and Palmers Road. We’ll complete laying the final layer of asphalt by the end of May 2020.To do this work, we’ll reduce Dohertys Road to one lane in each direction.

We’ll work on the east side first then move across to the west.

Why Dohertys Road?

We’re building a network of improved roads that will improve the flow of traffic in the west. We understand that the current level of disruption in the western suburbs may be challenging and appreciate your patience while we do this critical work. The Western Roads Upgrade is due to be completed by early 2021.

More than 20,000 cars and trucks rely on Dohertys Road every day. Dohertys Road is a key route within the Western Industrial Precinct, connecting this rapidly growing freight hub to the M80 Freeway Corridor, Princes Freeway, and the Port of Melbourne. The upgrade will help increase the productivity to boost Victoria’s economy. We will increase road safety and keeping cyclists away from cars and heavy vehicles.

Project details

On Dohertys Road, between Fitzgerald Road and Grieve Parade we’re:

  • adding an extra lane in each direction
  • increasing road capacity and improving traffic flow by building a second bridge over the Princes Freeway
  • upgrading five intersections including  – adding new traffic lights at Fitzgerald Road and Hume Road – building roundabouts at Gordon Luck Avenue, Cherry Lane and Cyanamid Street
  • building an overpass for the Federation Trail.

On Dohertys Road, between Foundation Road and Palmers Road we’re:

  • adding an extra lane in each direction
  • building new traffic lights
  • creating new walking and cycling paths.


Transforming this key industrial and freight route has many benefits, including:

  • helping freight get to where they need to be safer and sooner
  • improving journey times for all road users with extra lanes
  • keeping cyclists safely away from cars and heavy vehicles
  • boosting road connectivity to some of Melbourne’s biggest growth areas
  • providing a more reliable east-west connection to the freeway network.

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