Major Road Projects Victoria is a dedicated government body charged with planning and delivering major road projects for Victoria.

Our vision is to build better connections for Victoria.

We aspire to be leaders in infrastructure sustainability and deliver projects that optimise social, economic and environmental outcomes over the long term.

To achieve our vision, within the context of our works, we will:

  • Contribute to an inclusive, diversified and resilient local economy through building workforce capability, creating local job opportunities and supporting the transition to a circular economy
  • Respect cultural connections and local identity through protecting and promoting places of historical and cultural significance
  • Seek opportunities to enhance community amenity, health and wellbeing
  • Deliver climate resilient and cost-effective infrastructure
  • Minimise our contribution to climate change
  • Avoid and minimise harm to biodiversity and the natural environment
  • Seek opportunities to enhance biodiversity and the natural environment
  • Minimise the depletion of natural resources through minimising waste and maximising resource use efficiency, resource recovery and reuse
  • Facilitate innovation across the transport infrastructure construction industry.

To give effect to this policy, we will:

  • Establish robust sustainability objectives and targets, and implement systems to monitor, measure and report on sustainability performance in order to drive continuous improvement
  • Assess whole of life cycle costs and benefits, and integrate economic, environmental, and social considerations into decision making processes across the project life cycle
  • Consider the interests of stakeholders when making decisions, and facilitate community involvement in decisions and actions that affect them
  • Drive sustainable outcomes across our supply chain through adopting sustainable procurement practices
  • Support our staff to achieve our goals, pursue best practice and demonstrate leadership through delivering appropriate education and training, and fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, knowledge sharing and continuous improvement
  • Report publicly on our projects’ sustainability performance.

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