Continuous flow intersection coming to Punt Road

3 October, 2018Streamlining Hoddle Street

Work is starting on the next stage of Streamlining Hoddle Street.

A continuous flow intersection will be built at Punt Road and Swan Street to give city-bound traffic a dedicated, new right turn movement onto Olympic Boulevard.

The continuous flow intersection is the first of its kind in Victoria. It will reduce delays for tens of thousands of drivers travelling north-south by cutting the 45% of time currently dedicated to right-turning and some through traffic. This means more green time, less queues at the intersection and more reliable journeys.

The project will also build new and improved cycling and walking connections on Swan Street and Olympic Boulevard, accessible bus stops on Punt Road and a new accessible tram stop on Swan Street.

More than 90,000 vehicles travel along Punt Road and Hoddle Street each day, making it the busiest arterial road in Melbourne.

The project is transforming the way motorists travel along Hoddle Street and Punt Road, moving turning traffic away from busy intersections to reduce its impact on north-south journeys.

With major construction complete on the first stage of Hoddle Street, between Johnston Street and Eastern Freeway, drivers will now notice traffic changes and disruptions at the Punt Road and Swan Street intersection.

Lane closures will allow construction crews to begin service investigation and relocation, while one of the north-bound left-hand turn lanes onto Brunton Avenue will be permanently removed from mid-October.

This is a short video explaining the streamlining works.

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