Final beams lifted into place

2 July, 2018Chandler Highway Upgrade

The new six-lane Chandler Highway Bridge is another step closer, with the first sections of the new bridge deck now in place.

Crews installed 24 large beams over a series of four nights at the Yarra River site.

Each beam, weighing up to 72 tonnes and measuring up to 52 metres long, was moved into place using three cranes weighing up to 600-tonnes.

The new Chandler Highway Bridge will triple capacity and reduce travel times for motorists crossing the Yarra River between Kew and Ivanhoe.

New traffic lights are being installed at the Yarra Bend development along with a new pedestrian crossing, while the Chandler Highway is being widened to accommodate six lanes of traffic.

The historic Chandler Highway Bridge, completed in 1891 as part of the Outer Circle Railway line, will be transformed into a walking and cycling path for the community, linking to upgraded paths along the Yarra River.

The new Chandler Highway Bridge is set for completion by the end of 2018.

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