First section on Princes Highway opens six months early

6 August, 2018Princes Highway West - Winchelsea to Colac

The first section of the upgrade, between Deans Marsh Road, Winchelsea, to west of Armytage Road, has now been completed.

Drivers are benefitting from the 100km speed limit on all four lanes of the highway, as well as:

  • improved traffic flow in both directions
  • five upgraded intersections
  • a median between east and westbound lanes
  • dedicated left and right turn lanes into the side roads off the highway
  • flexible safety barriers lining the left side and centre median of the road.

The heavy stuff

In July, we lifted six support beams to form a bridge over Birregurra Creek. These 32-metre-long beams weigh almost 54 tonnes. The bridge will safely accommodate a range of drivers—from logging, grain and dairy operators using heavy vehicles, to tourists heading to the Great Ocean Road and Victoria’s south west.

This bridge is one of five to be built. Another two bridges will be strengthened as part of the project.

Colac entrance transformation continues

We’re making big improvements to the entrance to Colac.

Soon, we’ll award a contract to build a new bridge over Barongarook Creek.

This 80-year-old bridge is nearing the end of its design life and needs to be replaced. We’re going to take it down and build a brand new one in its place.

The Barongarook Creek bridge and the surrounding parkland are regularly used by Colac residents, so we’re working hard to minimise any impact.
We’ll keep you informed of the planned works to minimise inconvenience as much as possible, as well as individually contact property owners closest to the project area. You can expect works on the bridge to begin in late 2018.

Making progress

We’ve undertaken extensive digging and earthworks, started bridgeworks and relocated utility services.

Between Armytage and Colac East, you’ll see the path the new road will take as our crews continue working onsite.

We also started building a new roundabout at the Colac-Ballarat Road intersection. This roundabout will reduce vehicle speeds, making it safer and easier for drivers to choose a safe gap in traffic at the intersection

Ongoing works during winter

The best time to build roads is during warm, dry weather but we’re still making progress during the cooler, wetter months. This season, our crew will focus on:

  • building bridges
  • drainage works
  • building the retaining wall through the cutting east of Colac
  • strengthening the bridge over the Geelong-Warrnambool railway line
  • pouring concrete for the bridges over the railway crossing
  • installing large drainage pipes.

Aerial view of the new lanes on Princes Highway West

View of the new lanes opened six months ahead of schedule.

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