Hallam Road Upgrade kicks off

27 September, 2018Hallam Road Upgrade

New lanes and upgraded intersections are on the way for Hallam Road.

The upgrade will provide many benefits for the 40,000 vehicles travelling through the area every day, including adding:

  • a new lane in each direction for 1.2km on Hallam Road between Ormond Road and the South Gippsland Highway
  • new traffic lights at the South Gippsland Highway and Hallam Road intersection, improving traffic flow and helping drivers safely turn to and from Hallam Road and Evans Road
  • new traffic lights at the SUEZ Hampton Park Resource and Recovery Centre to safely manage the large number of trucks entering and leaving the site
  • a dedicated turning lane to separate turning trucks from cars continuing on Hallam Road
  • new walking and cycling paths on each side of the road for pedestrians and cyclists, improving connections to nearby public transport options.

Improving this corridor and major intersection will also allow for Evans Road to be reopened, reconnecting the nearby communities of Lynbrook and Lyndhurst.

This is a short video explaining the Hallam Road Upgrade.

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