New earlier exit to English Street

16 August, 2018CityLink Tulla Widening

We’re making changes to the way you get to English Street from the Tullamarine Freeway.

If you’re on the freeway heading toward English Street from the city, you’ll now need to use the new, earlier exit.

You’ll no longer need to weave or merge across fast-moving traffic at the English Street exit ramp. You’ll also no longer queue to exit the freeway.

The new exit will make it safer for you and 200,000 people who travel on the freeway each day to get to where you’re going.

What we’re doing

As part of the CityLink Tulla Widening project, we’ve built a new, earlier English Street exit. The new exit is now ready for you to drive on.

We’ll permanently close the existing English Street exit from Tuesday 21 August at 9.30pm. We’re doing this at night, when there’s fewer people using the road.

We’ll open the new, earlier exit to English Street on Wednesday  22 August.

What to expect

To get to English Street, you’ll now need to use the Bulla Road exit, which 2kms earlier than the old exit.

You’ll then use the right lane to join the new, separated lane that takes you to English Street.

To safely get you to the new exit, we’ll:

  • have new signs clearly marked to guide you
  • have set speed limits in place.

Choose your lane early and follow on-road signs to the exit.

Download a print-friendly version of this map PDF, 73.1 KB.

What to do if you miss the new exit

If you miss the new, earlier English Street exit, continue along the Tullamarine Freeway and exit at Melrose Drive.

You can still access English Street from Matthews Avenue or Wirraway Road.

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