Swan Street Bridge lights up

6 September, 2018Swan Street Bridge Upgrade

The Swan Street Bridge project includes new lighting to add a unique and subtle character to this historic structure.

The new lights are embedded in seventy six steel fins which run the length of both sides of the bridge.

The colour was selected with consideration to drivers, pedestrians and cyclists as well as on-water users such as rowers.

For road users, the colour pink was selected because it does not clash or compete with red, orange or green lights at nearby intersections, including reflections off the surface of the water.

For on-water users, pink was selected because it provides a distinct colour that sets it apart from other building and street lighting. This ensures water users can see the bridge clearly against the backdrop of the city skyline.

The lighting of the bridge creates a soft glow of light under the bridge, providing low level illumination of the river without creating glare.

The lighting is also programmed to fade in at dusk and fade out at dawn.

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