Thompsons Road Upgrade reaches new heights

31 December, 2018Thompsons Road Upgrade

Construction crews working on the 10.7km Thompsons Road duplication have finalised a complex task that involved lifting 21 concrete beams into place, forming the new southern bridge.

The second bridge over the Cranbourne train line is a critical east-west connection for the growing south-east and the wider freight network.

The works program involved 31 team members from a broad range of disciplines working together day and night to successfully lift the 45 tonne reinforced bridge beams.

In a continued commitment to keep drivers, pedestrians and cyclists safe through the site traffic controllers have registered more than 36,000 hours on the project to date.

Road and rail were separated for good at the Thompsons Road/Cranbourne rail line in June when the northern bridge was opened to traffic.

The Thompsons Road Upgrade duplication works are on track to be completed by mid-2019, with the Dandenong-Frankston Road intersection expected to open with traffic signals in early 2020.

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