Yan Yean Road Upgrade, July construction update

1 July, 2018Yan Yean Road Upgrade

Works on Stage 1 of the Yan Yean Road upgrade are well underway.

Here's what we are up to in July.

Kerb installation and asphalting

From mid-July, you’ll start to see the new road taking shape in Zone 2. We’ll install the roadside kerb and start putting the new road surface down.

Retaining walls

To prepare for works on the Diamond Creek Road intersection, we’ll remove the existing retaining wall in Zone 1 – in front of the aged care facility.

We’ll also prepare an area in Zone 4 where we’ll build a retaining wall next month. We’ll use excavators to move soil and build work platforms.

Our construction crews will use the work platforms to safely build the retaining wall in early August.

Driveway access tracks

At times, we’ll build temporary access tracks along Yan Yean Road. These tracks maintain access to your driveway, while we upgrade the road in front of your property. We’ll contact you directly if we need to build a temporary access track for your property.

Utility services relocation

To relocate utilities, services need to be switched off. This means you may experience a brief interruption to your water, power or telecommunication service. Utility service providers will notify you ahead of any planned service outage.

Tree and vegetation removal

To prepare the ground for the new road, we need to clear trees and vegetation. Bulk tree clearing will continue throughout July and should be finished by the end of the month.

Some tree and vegetation removal will continue as we relocate utility services.

We have flora and fauna management plans in place to make sure we do this carefully and thoughtfully.

Bulk Earthworks

During July, we’ll continue earthworks in Zones 1-10. We’ll excavate and move soil, then level the ground with large roller machines.

Use the following map to find the location of the Zones.

Map showing the construction zones for the Yan Yean Stage 1 upgrades

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