Beams lifted into place for the second Mordialloc Freeway bridge

3 March, 2021Mordialloc Freeway

Bridge construction is continuing at pace for the Mordialloc Freeway after we successfully lifted beams into place for the bridge over Centre Dandenong Road in Dingley Village, and re-opened the road ahead of schedule.

Centre Dandenong Road reopened a day early on Sunday 28 February after crews worked to lift fourteen 90-tonne beams into place over the road.

This is the second of six bridges that will be built for the freeway with beams installed over Old Dandenong Road in November 2020. The remaining four bridges over Lower Dandenong Road, Governor Road, Bowen Parkway and Springvale Road will be constructed over the coming months.

Work to complete the bridge over Centre Dandenong Road will continue over the coming weeks, including building a concrete deck and the road surface on top of the beams, installing safety barriers and lighting, laying asphalt and line marking.

Check out pictures of the beam lifts below.

Find out more about how these bridges are being built or about the Mordialloc Freeway.

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