New Thompsons Road all set for a better cruise

30 April, 2020Thompsons Road Upgrade

With works now complete on Thompsons Road between Western Port Highway and South Gippsland Highway, speed limits have now been lifted.

This means that you can now safely travel:

  • 90 km/h between Frankston-Dandenong Road and Western Port Highway, with lower speed limits approaching the Frankston-Dandenong Road roundabout
  • 80 km/h between Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road and Berwick-Cranbourne Road
  • 80 km/h between Western Port Highway and South Gippsland Highway.

New walking and cycling path

The new walking and cycling path over the Thompsons Road bridge near Merinda Park Station is now open.

Once the Frankston-Dandenong Road/Thompsons Road intersection upgrade is complete later this year, we’ll open the new walking and cycling path between Frankston-Dandenong Road and McCormicks Road.

This means more than 10km of new shared use paths will be in place from Frankston Dandenong Road to South Gippsland Highway and from Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road to Berwick-Cranbourne Road.

The upgraded walking and cycling paths provide the community with a safer place to exercise, and better access to public facilities and transport hubs across Carrum Downs, Cranbourne, Lyndhurst and Sandhurst.

Find out more about the Thompsons Road Upgrade.

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