All lanes and intersections open on Yan Yean Road

5 August, 2019Yan Yean Road Upgrade

Stage 1 of the Yan Yean Road Upgrade has reached a major milestone with the Diamond Creek Road intersection operating at full capacity and two lanes open in each direction between Diamond Creek and Kurrak roads.

The intersections of Memorial Drive, River Avenue, Browns Lane, Kurrak Road, and the Nillumbik Shire Council Recycling and Recovery Centre have also had a makeover with traffic lights now operating, making it safer for all road users.

Doubling the number of lanes from two to four has delivered a huge boost to capacity for the 24,000 cars using this section of Yan Yean Road each day.

While major construction is complete, over the coming months you'll see us completing private driveways, landscaping and restoring the old Plenty church. When the weather warms up we’ll do the final layer of asphalt and line-marking.

There are more benefits coming, with Stage 2 of the Yan Yean Road Upgrade, which is currently undergoing an Environmental Effects Statement (EES) process.

Stage 2 will involve widening the road from one to two lanes in each direction between Kurrak and Bridge Inn roads, upgrading intersections with traffic lights and roundabouts, and building new walking and cycling paths along the entire road.

Watch the video below to see how the upgrade came together or see the Yan Yean Road project page for more information.

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