Chandler Highway bridge nearing completion

28 February, 2019Chandler Highway Upgrade

The new and improved six lane Chandler Highway Bridge is nearing completion, 89 years after the original rail bridge was converted into a two-lane road crossing over the Yarra River.

Two new lanes are now open, one in each direction between Heidelberg Road and the Eastern Freeway outbound exit ramp.

By the end of March (subject to weather conditions), all six lanes on the new bridge will be operational, tripling capacity and providing welcome relief for the 44,000 drivers who rely on this road every day.

To date the project has:

  • laid more than 9800 tonnes of new asphalt
  • laid more than 8000 cubic metres of crushed rock and
  • completed more than 290,000 hours of work.

For more information visit the Chandler Highway web page.

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