Chandler Highway heritage bridge restoration complete

2 December, 2019Chandler Highway Upgrade

You can now walk or cycle your bike across the Yarra River on one of only four lattice truss bridges that have been built in the state of Victoria.

In 30 June 2016, this historic bridge was added to the Victorian Heritage Register, to acknowledge the local landmark this bridge provides to the community.

To preserve the rich history and culture of the heritage bridge, we have:

  • installed rail tracks into the bridge, highlighting its original use as part of the Outer Circle Railway. Lines from Dacre Smyth’s 1979 poem will be scribed into the rail tracks, as well as words from the original petition to build the Outer Circle Railway in the 1880s
  • added signage along the length of the bridge to trace the key events of the bridge’s history
  • installed glass panels under some sections of the seating area to allow you to look at the key structural features of the bridge.

The refurbishment also included the removal of lead paint from the lattice truss structures and repainting the iron to the original colour, as well as repairing the stonework and damage that has occurred over the years.

This delicate and timely exercise has been a success, allowing for the bridge to be restored into its original condition, and allowing the community to enjoy the local heritage into the future through the use of a shared walking and cycling path.

The bridge allows the local community to safely cross the Yarra River and access the walking and cycling facilities in the area.

For more information see the Chandler Highway project page.

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