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14 March, 2019Streamlining Hoddle Street

From 10am on Sunday 17 March 2019, drivers will have more go time at green lights when we open Victoria’s first continuous flow intersection at Punt Road and Swan Street.

The major redesign of one of Melbourne’s busiest intersections has moved right turns away from the intersection and will help to relieve queuing caused by turning traffic, relieving congestion and making travel times more reliable.

Intermittent lane closures will be in place from late on Friday 15 March as preparations to open the intersection get underway.  We’ll then work through the night from 8:30pm on Saturday through to 10am Sunday to implement the new turning arrangements.

We encourage you to avoid the intersection wherever possible with delays of up to 10 mins expected on Friday and Saturday evening.

From 2am Sunday onwards, traffic controllers will help direct traffic through the intersection as the new changes progressively come into effect.

Once the intersection is operational, southbound drivers on Punt Road turning right will travel on new lanes onto Olympic Boulevard dedicated to citybound traffic.

To further assist drivers with navigating the new arrangements temporary blue and pink line markings have been installed along with corresponding colours on directional signs.

Drivers on Swan Street wishing to turn right onto Punt Road will follow blue lines past the intersection and onto Olympic Boulevard to make a p-turn to travel north towards Bridge Road.

Drivers wishing to turn right from Punt Road onto Swan Street will also be guided by pink line marking onto Olympic Boulevard to a new p-turn to continue east into Richmond.

A new series of instructional videos have also been released today to show turning movements and lane selection on approach to the intersection.

For more information and to watch the videos, visit the Streamlining Hoddle Street web page.

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