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12 March, 2019O'Herns Road Upgrade

The Epping CFA is now able to respond to emergencies faster and more safely because of the new intersection with traffic lights at O’Herns Road and High Street.

The new intersection gives the Epping CFA the ability to control traffic lights when required. This key safety upgrade will stop the CFA from getting stuck at traffic lights when responding to an emergency.

The CFA has access to a control box, giving them the ability to manage the traffic lights and allow two trucks to be deployed at a time quickly and safely.

The Epping CFA responds to more than 500 incidents each year.

The CFA will also benefit from stage two of the O’Herns Road Project, which will provide improved access to the Hume Freeway and the surrounding northern suburbs.

Visit the O’Herns Road Upgrade project page.

For more information watch this video.

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