More go time on Hoddle Street

23 February, 2019Streamlining Hoddle Street

From Sunday 17 March 2019, traffic will start to move through Victoria’s first Continuous Flow Intersection at Punt road and Swan Street.

The new design will move right turns away from the intersection, helping to relieve queuing caused by turning traffic.

The concept is an innovative way to manage high traffic volumes and move people safely and efficiently across the busy Richmond intersection.

A new education and awareness campaign to help drivers navigate the changes also begins today.

The campaign features a series of educational videos in 5 languages clearly demonstrating the new turning movements and instructing drivers which lanes to select on approach to the intersection.

Over the coming weeks we’ll work around the clock to add new line markings and signage to prepare for traffic to move through the intersection in the early hours of Sunday 17 March.

Once the intersection is operational, drivers coming from the north on Punt Road heading into the city will travel on brand new lanes next to existing Olympic Boulevard lanes.

Drivers on Swan Street wishing to turn right to Punt Road will use p-turns further up Olympic Boulevard, as will vehicles on Punt Road turning right to Swan Street to head towards Hawthorn.

The right turn from Olympic Boulevard onto Punt Road towards South Yarra has been permanently removed as part of these works.

Traffic lights will give drivers more go time at green lights, prioritising the dominant flow of traffic on Hoddle Street and Punt Road.

For instructional videos, work updates and more information, see the Streamlining Hoddle Street web page.

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