More go time on streamlined Hoddle St

30 September, 2019Streamlining Hoddle Street

Getting to the MCG is safer and more reliable with the Streamlining Hoddle Street project completed two months ahead of schedule.

The new intersection design and traffic light refinements are giving drivers more ‘More Go Time’ as promised.

Early tests suggest up to 43% more go time on Punt Road has been achieved by moving right-turns away from the intersection, allowing the north-south traffic to continue through without regular interruption.

With the whole Continuous Flow Intersection now completed, up to 400 more vehicles travel through the intersection during both the morning and afternoon peak, with travel times up to 40% faster.

Drivers turning right from Punt Road into Olympic Boulevard now receive up to 47% more go time.

Whether arriving in Richmond by bus, tram, train or car, all transport users are now enjoying safer and more reliable journeys, with pedestrians and cyclists benefitting from dedicated and shared bike lanes and wider footpaths.

These improvements have also encouraged an increase in active transport users, with 55% more cyclists in the morning peak and 77% more in the evening peak using this route. Pedestrian numbers have also increased by up to 44% during peak times.

Brunton Avenue has been upgraded, with a new raised footpath under the Richmond rail bridge and an accessible crossing with traffic lights to get football fans to and from the MCG safer and quicker on game days.

Bus users have larger and better placed bus stops on Punt Road, with more time allowed for pedestrians to cross at the intersection.

The new twin-platform tram stop on Swan Street makes getting on and off trams more accessible, provides more room to wait away from traffic, and allow safer access to bus and train connections.

However, the new tram stop is necessary to make getting on and off trams more accessible, provide more room to wait away from traffic, and allow safer access to bus and train connections.

There are still some further refinements to traffic light timings to make, but by mid-2020 traffic patterns are expected to settle for the 330,000 people travelling along and across the Hoddle Street and Punt Road corridor each day.

For more information see the Streamlining Hoddle Street project page.

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