New lanes open near Warncoort

12 April, 2019Princes Highway West - Winchelsea to Colac

This week we opened a further 7 kms of new lanes on Princes Highway West.

You can now travel on more than 26 kms of new, duplicated highway between Winchelsea and Warncoort.

This section has been opened ahead of schedule.

We encourage you to take care when exiting and entering properties and intersections, as some access arrangements have changed.

The Princes Highway West project is adding a total of 35 kms of new lanes from Winchelsea to Colac.

We’re continuing to work on the duplication between Warncoort and Colac and will soon be switching traffic onto the new temporary bridge over Barongarook Creek.

See the Princes Highway West project page for more information.

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