O'Herns Road machine has it nailed

17 December, 2019O'Herns Road Upgrade

During December we'll use a soil nailing machine to stabilise the slopes at the O’Herns Road bridge.

Soil nailing involves installing solid bars approximately 7.2 metres in length into pre-drilled holes and grouting them into place to stabilise the soil.

In total, 320 nails will be installed to secure the retaining wall at the new freeway interchange. Each soil nail is placed up to 1.3 metres apart and is drilled 7 metres into the wall.

We’ll do this at all four corners of the bridge to prepare for the duplication of O’Herns Road over the Hume Freeway. This is one of many steps involved in the upgrade. We’re excited to show you the finished interchange in 2021!

Find out more about the O'Herns Road Upgrade on our project page.

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