Capacity tripled on Chandler Hwy bridge

15 March, 2019Chandler Highway Upgrade

All six lanes on the new Chandler Highway bridge are now open, tripling capacity and providing welcome relief for the 44,000 drivers who rely on this crossing every day.

This brings us another step closer to completing the project, 89 years after the original rail bridge was converted into a two-lane road crossing over the Yarra River.

So far we’ve:

  • laid more than 11,800 tonnes of new asphalt, the equivalent to over 1,900 elephants
  • laid more than 9000 cubic metres of crushed rock, the equivalent to three swimming pools
  • completed more than 326,000 hours of work.

Works to convert the heritage bridge to a dedicated walking and cycling path will continue throughout 2019. Other parts of the project, including landscaping are due to be complete by late 2019 when weather conditions are suitable for planting.

For more information visit the Chandler Highway project page.

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