Stronger bridges for the west

2 April, 2019Western Roads Upgrade

We're strengthening seven bridges as a part of the Western Roads Upgrade.

Melbourne’s west is the fastest growing area in Australia. We’re strengthening bridges to cater for current and future demands, especially heavy trucks and freight vehicles.

As a part of the bridge works, we’ll:

  • install better pier protection including rust monitoring and protection equipment
  • upgrade barriers and guard rail to keep all road users safe
  • strengthen bridge supports to carry heavier traffic volumes and vehicles
  • install anti bird measures on Lynch’s Bridge to preserve its condition.

Most of these bridges were built in the 1970s, so we’re bringing them up to modern day standards to make them safer and keep traffic moving now and into the future.

Major work is underway on Hyde Street Bridge, Yarraville.

For more information watch the videos below and visit the Western Roads Upgrade web page.

Bridge rehabilitation
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