Students help plant a greener Thompsons Road

26 July, 2019Thompsons Road Upgrade

Primary school students in Melbourne’s south-east have helped to plant dozens of trees along the upgraded Thompsons Road in Lyndhurst. Children from Rangebank Primary School are part of this massive effort to green up the area, taking part in a planting day.

The students met with landscaping experts to learn about how tree planting makes a difference to the environment, and where the seeds came from. The seeds were collected in 2017 from numerous indigenous and native trees, shrubs and grasses within the local area.

The students began digging 20 holes to plant the River Gum Trees on the north side of Thompsons Road between Dandenong-Frankston and Taylors Road.

As part of the upgrade of Thompsons Road some trees had to be removed, and this planting program aims to restore the greenery and minimise the impact on the environment.

Independent ecologists and arborists were engaged from the early stages of planning the project to refine the design and minimise impacts to the surrounding environment. This continues to be a priority for us as we deliver the Thompsons Road upgrade.

In late 2019, we will start the second stage of the project, upgrading the Dandenong-Frankston Road intersection with traffic lights three years earlier than originally planned. The upgrade is expected to be complete by early 2020.

For more information visit the Thompsons Road Upgrade project page.

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