Super T Beams lifted onto Barongarook Creek Bridge

2 August, 2019Princes Highway West - Winchelsea to Colac

The Princes Highway West duplication is a step closer to completion, with 18 beams now in place over Barongarook Creek Bridge.

The beams, each weighing up to 25 tonnes and measuring 20 metres long, were moved into place by a 250-tonne crane.

The 80-year-old Barongarook Creek bridge in Colac is being replaced so it can meet the demands of today’s traffic volumes and modern freight vehicles.

As part of the new bridge, we’ll also be building dedicated walking and cycling paths.

The Princes Highway carries more than 13,000 vehicles each day between Geelong and Colac, with 14% of traffic made up of heavy vehicles.

The new bridge is a key part of the wider Princes Highway West project that’s building more than 35 km of extra lanes and new intersections.

We’ve already opened 28 km of new duplicated highway between Winchelsea and Colac, so we’ve only 6 km to go.

We’ll continue to open these other sections of the Princes Highway as they are completed.

Visit the Princes Highway West project page for more information.

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