Transformed Yan Yean Road intersection opens early

21 January, 2019Yan Yean Road Upgrade

Our 3-week construction blitz to upgrade the intersection of Yan Yean, Aqueduct and Diamond Creek Roads in Plenty has finished 3 days early.

From 2 to 21 January, we worked around-the-clock to fast track 3 months’ worth of work in less than 3 weeks.

During the 19-day closure, we added new lanes, built a new centre median strip and modified road levels.

Almost 5,500 tonnes of crushed rock was placed, 4,000 tonnes of asphalt laid and more than 20,000 hours were worked by construction crews to complete the upgraded intersection.

The $131.2 million duplication of Yan Yean Road is making journeys in Melbourne’s north more reliable and safer with 6 new upgraded intersections and better connections for pedestrians and cyclists.

The 3-week shutdown was the safest and fastest way for crews to get the work done while sparing drivers from months of inconvenience and ongoing road closures.

The Yan Yean Road Upgrade is due to be completed in mid-2019 and will improve reliability for the 24,000 cars using this road every day.

For more information visit the Yan Yean Road Upgrade web page.

See the time-lapse video of the construction.

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