Beams lifted into place for the first Mordialloc Freeway bridge

18 November, 2020Mordialloc Freeway

The Mordialloc Freeway has marked an important milestone, with the first twelve bridge beams lifted into place for the bridge over Old Dandenong Road in Dingley Village.

Made locally in Melton, these were the first of 252 bridge beams required for the six freeway bridges that will span Old Dandenong Road, Centre Dandenong Road, Lower Dandenong Road, Governor Road, Bowen Parkway and Springvale Road. The remaining bridges will be built between now and September 2021.

Work to complete the bridge over Old Dandenong Road will continue over the coming months, including building a concrete deck and the road surface on top of the beams, installing safety barriers and lighting, laying asphalt and line marking.

Old Dandenong Road will remain closed until Monday 23 November between Boundary and Tootal Roads to build the new road surface, install drainage and kerbs, and start work on the new shared walking and cycling path.

The intersection of Woodlands Drive and Lower Dandenong Road is also closed until Wednesday 2 December while our crews build the new freeway interchange.

Find out more about how these bridges are being built (PDF, 762.3 KB) or about the Mordialloc Freeway.

Watch the beam lift.

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