McDonalds and Gorge road intersection reopens early

28 January, 2020Plenty Road Upgrade

The Plenty Road blitz has wrapped up ahead of time with traffic flowing smoothly through the reopened intersection at McDonalds and Gorge roads in South Morang.

Crews worked around the clock and completed three months of work in under three weeks to widen the intersection and build a new median in preparation for the construction of new lanes.

The McDonalds and Gorge road intersection is one of 12 intersections between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road being upgraded as part of Stage 2 on the Plenty Road Upgrade.

Access to the intersection at McDonalds and Gorge road was restricted, however Plenty Road remained open during the summer holidays as the intersection was upgraded and remodelled.

Completing these works during the summer blitz will avoid the need for any major disruptions at this busy intersection in future.

Major upgrades to three congested intersections at Bridge Inn Road, Francesca and Waterview drives will be well underway in the coming months.

As we work towards building a safer and more reliable road, work will continue on a number of separate sections to keep traffic moving and disruption to a minimum. The project is due for completion in mid-2021.

Visit Victoria's Big Build for the latest disruption information.

Learn more about the Plenty Road Upgrade on our project page.

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