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2 July, 2020Thompsons Road Upgrade

Only 11 more days until the intersection at Thompson and Frankston-Dandenong roads re-opens on 13 July.

When it does, you’ll see new traffic lights replacing the roundabout, a wider road with extra lanes on each approach, new safety barriers and asphalting for a smoother, safer ride.

This week our crew finished laying the 7,600 tonnes of asphalt and have started to lay the new road surface. This’ll help to keep the road in good condition for the 58,000 motorists who drive through this intersection every day.

We’ve got a pretty cool video showing some of our night works last week and we’ve also updated our image gallery showing our progress from day one.

Once we’ve reopened, there’ll still be a few minor bits of work to complete like drainage and gas works along the east side of Frankston-Dandenong Road, south of Thompsons Road. We’ll also still be working on the bike/pedestrian path but none of these works should impact your access or commute.

Thanks again for your patience and support.

Find out more about the Thompsons Road Upgrade.

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