Unique bridge taking shape on Mordialloc Freeway

5 November, 2020Mordialloc Freeway

As part of the Mordialloc Freeway, we’ve been building a unique structure over the former landfill near Dingley Bypass. Unlike most structures and bridges it is being built at ground level.

Over time, the ground above the landfill is likely to settle and subside. This could cause issues for the surface of the freeway, so we’re building a 160-metre-long, ground-level structure to provide a strong and stable foundation for this section of the freeway.

The structure is supported by 256 piles. These are 30-metre-long concrete columns that have been built vertically into the ground.

On top of the piles we’ve built a large concrete deck, which will form the base of the freeway. In October we completed the final concrete pour for the deck, made up of approximately 500 tonnes of reinforcing steel and 2,300 m3 of concrete.

With the foundations and deck of the landfill structure almost complete, we’ll soon lay asphalt on the deck surface before installing barriers and public lighting early next year.

The Mordialloc Freeway is expected to be completed in late 2021. Find out more about the progress we’ve made in our first year of construction.

landfill structure concrete pour

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