Retaining wall at Main Road intersection

15 November, 2021Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade

We have now completed the foundations of the retaining wall at Main Road as part of the Fitzsimons Road Upgrade and are progressing with excavation for the new intersection. The retaining wall design draws on geological, historical and social influences. The architectural panels will be installed in 2022.

The development of the design is sensitive to the area and provides a singular sculptural ribbon-like treatment. It allows for the emphasis to be placed on retained vegetation and landscaping.

The benefits

Building a retaining wall helped us retain many trees along the linear reserve. The alternative explored was a batter that extended deeper into the reserve, which required additional tree removal.

The Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade will improve safety and efficiency for motorists and pedestrians in Melbourne’s north, by adding traffic lights to intersections, and walking and cycling connections to the local area.

The upgrade will be crucial for the 60,000 people who drive through the area daily.

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