Reused timber from Yan Yean Road Upgrade benefits the Barwon River

6 March, 2020Yan Yean Road Upgrade

Native fish populations will breathe new life into the Barwon River thanks to reused timber saved during the Yan Yean Road Upgrade. The root-balls from the base of trees will provide a new habitat for the aquatic wildlife and help the river’s ecosystem thrive.

The important initiative is giving fish new homes while helping restore the environment.

The tree bases were relocated as part of the Yan Yean Road Upgrade and moved more than 100 kilometres to their new home in Geelong with help from the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority.

Root-balls, or snags as they are commonly called by recreational fishers, are taken from the base of native hardwood trees and placed in the water with smaller logs to provide habitat for fish and improve the waterway’s health.

Native fish use the trees for feeding sites, as a hiding place from predators and resting spots from faster flows. They will also help provide a habitat for recently stocked Estuary Perch and the threatened Australian Grayling. It will also encourage silt and leaf deposits that promote aquatic life.

The tree re-use program is part of a state-wide agreement that was launched last year for repurposing timber felled during road projects and is one of many initiatives implemented on the $131 million Yan Yean Road Upgrade.

Find out more about the Yan Yean Road Upgrade.

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