The walking spider excavator

13 May, 2021Monash Freeway Upgrade

On the the Monash Freeway and O’Shea Road we're using a unique piece of machinery while working on the project called the ‘spider’ excavator – one of only a handful in Victoria!

Designed for steep terrains, like the embankments next to the Monash Freeway, this excavator has four extensions that can extend and move in any direction. This makes the machine incredibly flexible and strong.

As part of the Monash Freeway Upgrade, we’re upgrading O’Shea Road to three lanes in each direction between Clyde and Soldiers roads and extending O’Shea Road to join the Beaconsfield interchange.

The Beaconsfield interchange will be upgraded to a full diamond interchange, with an inbound freeway off-ramp and an outbound freeway on-ramp. We’re also adding traffic lights to O’Shea Road at the Skyline Way, Bridgewater Boulevard and Soldiers Road intersections making it easier to travel around your local area.

Find out more about the Monash Freeway Upgrade.

Monash Freeway spider excavator on a hill

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