Tree planting initiative

24 February, 2021Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade

Together with the Rotary Club of Eltham, we'll plant 5,000 trees this year as part of the Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade.

Primary school students and their families will play a key role in the “Make your Mark – Plant a Tree” program, which will align with National Tree Day on Friday 30 July for schools, and Sunday 1 August for the wider community. It will involve 5000 local primary school students taking home a native species of tree to plant and nurture.

In addition, we'll also plant 10,000 local indigenous shrubs and trees. This means that approximately 6 trees will be planted for every tree removed as part of the project.

Secondary school students will also be involved in the program, with a generating project to produce a new supply of native trees and plants. This flora will be planted and grown in the local area, with students encouraged to nurture and enjoy the trees for many years to come.

Another part of the program focuses on bee conservation, to raise awareness of how plant and tree selection can assist the plight of bees and help reverse their declining population.

The Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade will improve four intersections along Fitzsimons Lane, which is a major thoroughfare that connects Melbourne’s northern suburbs with the city and eastern suburbs and is used by more than 60,000 vehicles every day. It will provide a significant improvement to the performance of the road during heavy traffic periods, including peak times, community events and emergency evacuations.

The new intersection will feature safe crossing points and upgraded walking and cycling paths to provide safer connections between businesses, schools and homes.

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