Finding a new home for native fauna

16 October, 2018Western Roads Upgrade

Like you, we value wildlife and trees in our community and are committed to road design and construction principles that minimise the impact on flora and fauna.

Some of our projects require the removal of trees and vegetation, but before major construction starts, we engage the services of an independent fauna spotter. They carry out site inspections to check for wildlife and relocate them to a safer, but familiar environment.

During a recent site inspection, a Ringtail possum was found on site. All removal works, and machinery were immediately halted, and a fauna handler from Habitat Management Services was on site to manage the translocation of the possum. The possum was safely removed and rehoused outside the site boundaries.

On the Dohertys Road site, an independent fauna spotter found, and safely translocated a Common Eastern Froglet and a Skink.  The amphibian and reptile were placed in the nearby Laverton Creek water ways.

Photo of a fauna spotter inspecting a dug area

A fauna spotter checks the site for any animals that may need relocating.

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