Application of this privacy statement

Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) is committed to protecting your privacy.

MRPV is a division of the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA) and is a dedicated government body charged with planning and delivering major road projects for Victoria.

This privacy statement applies to your access and use of this Website.

When we refer to 'MTIA', we mean MTIA and each of its five Project Offices, being the:

  • Level Crossing Removal Project;
  • Major Road Projects Victoria;
  • North East Link Project;
  • Rail Projects Victoria; and
  • West Gate Tunnel Project,

(together MTIA's Project Offices).

Further, when we refer to the 'Website' we mean the website operated by the State of Victoria through the MTIA, which includes all the subdomains of the Website.

This Website contains links to other external websites.  This privacy statement does not apply to those websites.

For further information on the MTIA and Big Build Privacy Policy, see the Privacy Policy.

We update this privacy statement from time to time.  Please check the version date each time you visit this page.

What we collect

We collect two kinds of information, website statistics using web analytics technologies, and other information provided by users, including personal information.

Website statistics are collected from your use of the Website, and this data may include your IP address, the date and time stamp of your visit, data about your interaction with our Website, as well as data collected from our use of cookies and similar technologies.

Personal information may be collected directly from you from your interaction with us through our online forms, online newsletter subscriptions, registration information and website feedback.  This information may include your name, postal address, email address, job title and telephone number.

In some cases, we may collect your information indirectly.  This may occur if another person includes your information when completing our online forms, or where we collect your information through social media and external websites.

We do not ordinarily ask you to provide sensitive information or health information, but we may collect it if you include it in your feedback on our online forms.

‘Personal information’ is defined under section 3 of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic). It is information or an opinion that is recorded in any form, whether true or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained.

Personal information may include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details; and
  • Images or videos.

This Act is the legislation that regulates our collection and handling of personal information.

Detailed information about the Act is available at the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner.


We respect your choice to remain anonymous, and you may interact with us anonymously where it is lawful and practicable for you to do so. However, sometimes, it may not be possible for us to provide information, deal with a complaint or perform other functions unless we can identify you.

Our online forms set out the information we need from you.  In some instance our forms will have mandatory fields and you will not be able to submit your form without providing all the relevant information.  However, in most instances, you will be able to proceed without filling the entire form.

Our forms also indicate whether you can interact with us anonymously.  If so, you will be able to get a copy of the form by calling us at 1800 105 105 or by contacting us to request it in hardcopy and we will let you know where to forward it to.

Social media and external websites

If you choose to engage with us via social media including through LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, or through any external websites or platforms operated by our service providers including Engage Victoria, SurveyMonkey/Survey Gizmo and the Big Build Jobs portal (UWorkin), the information collected by those third parties will be handled in accordance with their privacy policies and terms of use.

To access the privacy policies of some of these external websites and platforms, see:

Any information we collect via these external websites or platforms will be handled in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Why we collect your information

Website statistics

We collect website statistics for statistical analysis and reporting so that we understand general user trends at an aggregate level.  This assists us in improving our content and your user experience.

We also collect website statistics for website or system administrative purposes, including to protect against cybersecurity threats.

This information is not used to identify you or to match your identity with any other personal information we collect from you, unless we are required to do so as part of an internal investigation of suspected unlawful activity or for law enforcement-related purposes.

For more information about this and how to disable cookies, see the sections below on Cookies and similar technologies and Disabling cookies or opting out of online ads.

Other information

We may also collect other information that we ask you to provide or that you choose to give us when you interact with us on this Website.

We collect your information so that we can:

  • communicate, engage and consult with industry and Victorian communities about current and future major transport infrastructure projects
  • provide updates on construction or project related activities and disruptions
  • investigate and respond to enquiries, requests, applications or complaints
  • evaluate, develop and inform Victorian public policy
  • undertake and assist MRPV-related procurement or recruitment activities
  • comply with reporting and other legislative requirements under the Public Administration Act 2004 (Vic), Financial Management Act 1994 (Vic), Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009 (Vic), and other Commonwealth and Victorian environmental, planning, and heritage approval laws
  • monitor, implement and manage our functions effectively, efficiently and economically,

and for any other purposes which we notify you of at the time of collection.

Who we share your information with

Your personal information and (if collected) health information may be used by and disclosed to employees or contractors who are required to use it in the course of performing their duties.

Among other things, our contractors deliver services and MRPV communications to the community on our behalf (including on social media).  We also engage IT service providers who provide or manage our stakeholder relationship management databases, email campaigns and e-newsletter services, or they otherwise assist us to carry out our functions.

Your information may also be shared with project teams within MTIA, other Victorian Government departments, authorities or agencies, Ministers and Cabinet Committees, and other authorised third parties who need the information in order to perform their job roles or statutory functions, to provide assistance to you, for reporting and statistical purposes, or where permitted by law.

Your email address will not be shared with third parties for use in other mailing lists without your prior consent.

Transfer of your information outside Victoria

MRPV uses service providers which may store or process your information outside Victoria, including overseas.

MRPV takes reasonable steps to ensure that its contractors do not handle any information transferred outside Victoria inconsistently with the IPPs or HPPs.

In all other cases, we will obtain your consent before we transfer any of your information to another State or jurisdiction.

Cookies and similar technologies

MRPV uses service providers, such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, Facebook Pixel, and Quantcast to help us improve your experience on this Website and to target ads to you about MRPV or our projects.  These service providers may use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies to collect or receive information on this Website, and in some cases, from other internet websites, to provide website usage measurement and ad targeting services.

Our service providers may also transfer the website data they collect to third parties where required to do so by law, or where the third parties process the information on their behalf.

Facebook is able to connect website statistics to your Facebook account and use the data for their own advertising purposes, in accordance with Facebook's Data Use Policy.

For more details, please visit the Google Safety Centre, Hotjar’s privacy policy, Facebook cookies and other storage technologies, and Quantcast's privacy policy.

Disabling cookies or opting out of online ads

You can refuse all cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser and/or deleting all the cookies on your computer.  However, this may affect the functionality of the Website.

You can also use the opt-out services provided by Google, Hotjar, Quantcast and change your Facebook settings.  More information on opting out of ad targeting on this Website is available at and

Photos and videos  

As part of MRPV promotional activities, we may use your photograph or video image (Image) and/or statements or written work produced by you (Recorded Materials) to promote MRPV activities.

We may use your Image or Recorded Materials free of charge to promote MRPV’s activities. We may use your Image and Recorded Materials online, including on social media forums, MRPV website and on the internet, and in print materials produced by or on behalf of MRPV.

Social media accounts managed by MRPV include but may not be limited to:

We may also share information provided by you with other agencies and departments of the State of Victoria and third parties who have been engaged to assist with the promotion of MRPV’s activities.

Please note that if you are younger than 18 years of age, MRPV needs the permission of your parent/guardian before it collects your Image or Recorded Materials.

Withdrawing consent

Once your Image or Recorded Materials are placed online or distributed via printed materials, it may be copied, forwarded or otherwise manipulated by parties other than MRPV. Your consent for MRPV to use your Image or Recorded Materials may be withdrawn by giving written notice to MRPV.

If you withdraw consent:

  • MRPV will not use your Image or Recorded Materials in promotional material conducted after you withdraw your consent; and
  • MRPV will make every effort to remove all your Images or Recorded Materials from existing promotional material. However, once the promotional material is distributed outside the control of MRPV, it may not be possible for MRPV to remove all material related to you.

Access and contact details

If you have any questions about this statement, please contact us.

You may request access to any personal information that MRPV may have collected about you. Also, you may request correction of your personal information if you can establish that it is not accurate, complete or up to date. The appropriate means to access and correct information held by government departments is pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic).

The Freedom of Information Officer may be contacted on the details below about access to, and correction of, personal information collected by MRPV or for any questions or concerns you may have arising from this privacy statement.

Freedom of Information Officer
Major Road Projects Victoria
GPO Box 4509
Melbourne, VIC, 3001, AUS
PH: 1800 105 105

Version date

This privacy statement was last updated August 2020.

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