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Project overview

We’re adding more lanes and removing a level crossing on Barwon Heads Road to make your journey smoother and safer.

The upgrade extends four kilometres from Settlement Road to Reserve Road. The project involves duplicating Barwon Heads Road between Settlement Road and Reserve Road, building a bridge over the railway line at Marshall, removing the level crossing, intersection upgrades, and new street lighting, road signage, drainage and landscaping.

Once complete, the upgrade will:

  • make your journey along Barwon Heads Road safer
  • give you safer and easier access to Barwon Heads Road and connecting side roads
  • improve traffic flow in the area by making your journey more reliable and predictable
  • reduce congestion
  • make it easier and safer for you to walk or cycle in the area.



Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) acknowledges that the project scope and areas include diverse individuals and groups, as well as a range of environmental, cultural, economic and social interests.

The Community Reference Group (CRG) seeks to ensure that community interests are raised, acknowledged and considered by the project team, while also ensuring that the project balances the needs of the local community, environment and the wider transport needs of the Armstrong Creek Growth Corridor.

The CRG will be established as a key avenue for community involvement during the construction phase of the project.

The CRG seeks to formally engage the community to enhance and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders and help facilitate information sharing to improve project outcomes.

Role and function

The role of the CRG is to provide local knowledge and information, which will assist to inform decisions made by the MRPV project team with regard to the Barwon Heads Road Upgrade.

The CRG seeks to:

  • Provide the community with an opportunity to be involved during construction of the project
  • Provide local advice and knowledge that will help develop the best outcomes for the project and the wider community
  • Enable opportunities for two-way conversations between the community and MRPV
  • Create better visibility of the project within the local community
  • Ensure the community has up-to-date and accurate information about the progress of the project and construction impacts
  • Identify risks and concerns regarding the project and seek to provide clarity and resolve them where possible
  • Provide a forum for shared learning and continuous improvement.

Examples could include the CRG providing advice on:

  • Local initiatives regarding trees and planting in the area
  • Local issues and concerns i.e. driver behaviour and local roads used as a popular short cut
  • How the community use open spaces in the local area
  • Elements related to landscaping, revegetation such as reuse of timber from trees to be removed during construction
  • Cycling and pedestrian connectivity
  • Retaining the character of the local area with appropriate urban design
  • Wayfinding and connectivity signage
  • Communications materials and preferred channels ahead of major milestones and traffic impacts.


Schedule and structure

  • Meetings will be held on a bi-monthly basis, unless otherwise advised.
  • Meetings to run approximately 90 minutes in length with light refreshments provided when held in person.
  • Additional meetings may be scheduled when circumstances permit.
  • An MRPV Chairperson will chair the CRG meetings.
  • Meeting actions will be captured by an MRPV representative.
  • Meeting actions to be circulated to members via email within 14 days of each CRG meeting for review and agreement.
  • Standing agenda will apply – agenda to be determined and endorsed by CRG at initial meeting.
  • Members can request additional agenda items be added to the agenda at the beginning of each meeting.
  • Meeting agenda and actions may be provided to the City of Greater Geelong.
  • Meeting actions to be published online on the project web page prior to next meeting.
  • Individual CRG members are responsible for reporting to their respective organisations and networks.


CRG membership is on a voluntary basis and may include representatives from the following groups:

  • Registered Aboriginal Party representatives
  • Residents
  • Community representatives
  • Key Interest Groups
  • Local emergency services representatives
  • Nearby businesses.

Individuals or organisations other than those listed above may be invited to provide support or deliver presentations to the CRG as required. The CRG may invite presentations from interest groups at the Chairperson’s discretion.

Participation guidelines

All participants will:

  • Attend and contribute respectfully to CRG meetings
  • Be fair and actively participate with a genuine interest in the initiatives and outcomes of the group
  • Promote the interests of the respective authority, organisation, group or business they represent
  • Be the responsible conduit for information exchange between the project team and their respective authority, organisation, group or business
  • If a member is going to be absent, arrange a suitable substitute with the agreement of MRPV in advance.

Discussion guidelines

All participants will:

  • Listen with respect to all views so everyone has the opportunity to be heard
  • Share discussion time to allow everyone the chance to contribute
  • Endeavour to tap into and act as a conduit for wider community views and local knowledge
  • Be respectful of others time, group discussion is not the appropriate setting for matters impacting only the individual i.e. ‘I want my driveway widened’
  • Understand the purpose of the group i.e. individual land acquisition and compensation matters will be discussed directly with impacted landowners, not commented on at CRG meetings.

Eligibility criteria

CRG members must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Be a resident or own a property located within a 2km radius of Barwon Heads Road between Settlement Road and Reserve Road
  • Own or work at a business located within a 2km radius of Barwon Heads Road
  • Participate or volunteer with a community group that has a specific interest (including an active user of the road or has a community facility) within a 2km radius of the areas surrounding Barwon Heads Road Membership.

Participation in the CRG is voluntary. Members will not be remunerated for their time or any travel expenses incurred to attend meetings. Members will be chosen at the discretion of MRPV. Membership can be reviewed at any time by MRPV.

Participation in this group does not prohibit or guarantee participation in any future working groups formed during construction of the Barwon Heads Road Upgrade. Other external stakeholders or technical specialists may be invited to attend as requested by the group or desired by MRPV.


Key Information

  • Membership is for an 18-month period, upon which the operation of the group will be reviewed
  • Meetings will be held at the MRPV office or online during COVID restrictions, once every two months with an increase in frequency as necessary during construction
  • MRPV is responsible for organising the meeting schedule, agendas, and other support activities
    * MRPV will record meeting minutes
  • Meeting minutes will be distributed by MRPV two weeks after the meeting has occurred
  • Issues that arise during CRG meetings that fall outside the Terms of Reference will be referred to MRPV to be managed separately
  • A Code of Conduct will be signed by all representatives and any proxies that attend CRG meetings.

Representative Requirements

The purpose of the CRG is to formally engage the community to enhance and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders and help facilitate information sharing to improve project outcomes.

As a member of the CRG, representatives are required to:

  • Attend all scheduled CRG meetings
  • Notify MRPV when they are not able to attend a meeting and organise a proxy to attend in their place
  • Circulate all project information provided by MRPV with relevant community networks
  • Promote all project consultation activities to the community and key stakeholders
  • Advise MRPV when and how information has been shared with community networks
  • Provide insight and advice into community perspectives during construction of the project
  • Ensure a broad range of community perspectives are considered during project construction
  • Consider the role of the community as the project progresses through construction.

Media Enquiries

CRG Representatives are not authorised to speak with the media on behalf of the CRG in relation to the project, unless written approval is received in advance from the Project Director of the Barwon Heads Road Upgrade Project.

The membership of representatives who speak to the media without written approval will be immediately reviewed.

Membership Revocation

Following consultation with MRPV, the Chairperson may – at their discretion and at any time – revoke the membership of a representative if it is deemed, they are:

  • Failing to act in a manner that fulfils the CRG’s Terms of Reference
  • Not supporting the CRG’s purpose, goals or operational requirements.

Download a printable version of the CRG - Terms of Reference (PDF, 787.2 KB).

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