We’re upgrading Bridge Inn Road between Plenty and Yan Yean roads to help you get home safer and sooner.


As part of the Bridge Inn Road Upgrade, we’ll:

  • add extra lanes in each direction
  • install traffic lights at Cookes Road and Garden Road
  • build a bridge over Plenty River and upgrade the existing bridge
  • install safety barriers along the road
  • upgrade the intersections at Schotters Road, Vantage Point Boulevard and Painted Hills Road
  • install traffic lights near Ivanhoe Grammar School, including a pedestrian crossing to improve access to local schools
  • build a new shared walking and cycling path.

In November 2021 we appointed Laing O’Rourke as our construction partner for the Bridge Inn Road Upgrade. Site investigations and early works are underway and we expect to start major construction in the first half of 2022.

The road upgrade will be complete by 2025.


This upgrade will:

  • improve traffic flow and travel times
  • provide better access to the new Mernda train station
  • enhance connectivity to residential developments and employment opportunities in the north
  • provide easier access to the proposed Mernda town centre
  • make it easier and safer for you to walk or cycle around your local area
  • lower the risk and severity of crashes by adding safety barriers.
Bridge Inn Rd Project overview map

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Interactive map

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Interactive map

Local employment focus 

Local traders looking to provide services for the Bridge Inn Road Upgrade can call on 1800 105 105 or email contact@bigbuild.vic.gov.au.

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