We’re upgrading Bridge Inn Road between Plenty and Yan Yean roads to help you get home safer and sooner.

Community engagement

In September and October 2018, we shared our proposed design of the Bridge Inn Road Upgrade.

Public consultation was promoted through a range of engagement activities including letter box drops, newspaper advertisements, social media advertisements, letters, emails, a community pop up event and engagement with local councils.

We received over 270 pieces of feedback about the Bridge Inn Road Upgrade. We then provided this feedback to the project team who used it to refine the proposed design.

The consultation led to the following design changes, we’ll now:

  • install traffic lights to provide safer pedestrian crossings to community facilities and local schools
  • continue walking and cycling path across the Plenty River bridge towards Mernda Station.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 we door knocked local residents, distributed project updates, emails and attended local community events to continue raising awareness of the upgrade.

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