We're upgrading Chandler Highway to improve traffic flow between Melbourne's inner east, south and north.

Construction update December 2018

Traffic moved to new bridge

We reached a key milestone in October with two lanes of traffic moving onto the new bridge.

Heritage bridge walkway removed

We're safely removing the old external walkway from the heritage bridge so we can complete the new bridge.

Due to its size, we're removing it in sections. We'll store it as we finalise plans on how we can re-purpose elements like using the steel lattice in our landscaping design.

Main Street intersection installed

We’ve installed a new intersection on Chandler Highway at the YarraBend development site. This prepares the highway for you to enter and exit the site once the new homes are complete. You won't be able to enter the site from the highway yet, but you can use the lights to cross safely on foot or do a U-turn.

Retaining wall complete

We’ve completed the retaining wall outside the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre. Decorative panels have been installed along Chandler Highway and around the corner of Yarra Boulevard.

Under the bridge taking shape

We’re continuing to work underneath the bridge, south of the Yarra River. We’ve started installing the new underpass and have started work on the new walking and cycling path.

We’ve also placed boulders along the north side of river bank to help strengthen it.

Upcoming work

Over the coming months we'll:

  • continue to work on the remaining four lanes of the new bridge. We'll open the extra lanes on the bridge in stages as we complete them.
  • create better connections to existing trails, such as the Anniversary and Main Yarra trails
  • continue to convert the heritage bridge to a dedicated walking and cycling path
  • install new traffic lights at the Yarra Boulevard intersection
  • complete works at the Chandler Highway, Grange Road and Heidelberg Road intersection
  • install sound barriers.

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