We're upgrading Chandler Highway to improve traffic flow between Melbourne's inner east, south and north.

Trees and vegetation

We aim to have the lowest possible effect on the local environment, whilst building a safer and more accessible road for everyone.

To prepare the ground for the upgrade, we’ll need to remove some trees and vegetation. We have flora and fauna management plans in place to make sure we do this carefully and thoughtfully.

We’ll carry out this work in association with Parks Victoria, Heritage Victoria, the Environment Protection Agency, the Wurundjeri community and local government.

We have tree protection zones and no-go zones in place to preserve vegetation and cultural heritage sites.

Our ecologist has surveyed the area and relocated local wildlife to new habitats nearby.

Yarra River

The Yarra River is an iconic waterway and an important feature of the character and identity of the local area.

We’ve designed the new bridge in a way that increases light beneath it and avoids bridge supports in the river or too close to the river bank.

While we work, we’ve put a range of measures in place to protect the Yarra River aquatic fauna and habitat. We monitor and maintain water quality and soil erosion in line with the Victorian Environment Protection Authority best practice guidelines.

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