We've upgraded Chandler Highway to improve traffic flow between Melbourne's inner east, south and north.


The Chandler Highway Upgrade has restored the original 128-year-old heritage bridge and converted the bridge into a walking and cycling path.

The upgraded bridge links the Anniversary and Main Yarra trails, includes seating and rest areas and features interpretive signage with historic imagery, telling the story and evolution of the bridge.

Heritage listing

In 2016 we applied for the bridge to be State Heritage listed to formally recognise its structural significance and importance to the community. On 30 June 2016, the bridge was added to the Victorian Heritage Register.

Respecting the past

To preserve the rich history and culture of the heritage bridge, we’ve:

  • installed rail tracks into the new heritage bridge, highlighting its original use as part of part of the Outer Circle Railway. Text from Dacre Smyth’s 1979 poem about the bridge and the words from the original petition to build the Outer Circle Railway in the 1880s is scribed into the rail tracks
  • added signage along the length of the bridge tracing the bridge’s history in chronological order
  • installed glass panels under seating areas, to allow you to look at the key structural features on the underside of the bridge.

We have also removed graffiti and lead paint from the lattice truss structure and have painted the wrought iron trusses to their original colour, and repaired any damage to the stonework and brickwork.

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