We're upgrading Chandler Highway to improve traffic flow between Melbourne's inner east, south and north.


We understand that lowering traffic noise is important to you. That’s why we’re installing noise barriers as part of the upgrade. We’ve designed these noise barriers to help protect privacy and reduce traffic noise.

Measuring noise

We measure noise on a scale of units called decibels, or dB for short.

Noise measurements are adjusted to reflect how our ears perceive noise, giving a noise unit called ‘A’ weighted decibels, or dB(A).

We use independent professional acoustic consultants to measure traffic noise, and they conducted noise modelling near and on the Chandler Highway before we started work. This helped us understand current noise levels and predict future noise levels when the project is complete.

Modelling indicated that there will be less than a 3dB(A) increase for residents once the upgrade is complete.

A 3dB(A) increase in noise level is only just noticeable to the human ear.

Noise reduction initiatives

We're implementing a range of measures to reduce noise along Chandler Highway, including:

  • Stone Mastic Asphalt - a noise reducing asphalt used for the final layer of road surface.
  • Noise barriers next to Rex Avenue - this barrier has been extended beyond what was initially planned.
  • Noise barriers on the west side of the new Chandler Highway bridge - these barriers will span the entire length of the structure, between Rex Avenue and Yarra Boulevard.

Noise barrier appearance

The noise barriers next to Rex Avenue will be of varying heights because of the uneven land surface. This will create a horizontal level at the top of the barrier. The noise barriers will vary in height between 3 and 3.5 metres above road level. The noise barrier on the new Chandler Highway bridge will be 2 metres tall.

The Rex Avenue noise barrier will be made from timber to fit in with the look and feel of the surrounding area. Timber will also assist with noise absorption. The noise barriers on the Chandler Highway bridge will be made from an acrylic material.


We installed the Rex Avenue noise barrier in mid-2017. We’ll start the extension past Rex Avenue in early 2019, once underground service relocations have finished.

The noise wall installation on the new Chandler Highway bridge will commence in early 2019.

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