We’re adding an extra lane on Childs Road between Beaumont Crescent and Prince of Wales Avenue, replacing the roundabout at Bowman Drive to traffic lights and building a new bridge over Darebin Creek.


As part of the Childs Road Upgrade, we may need to temporarily or permanently change how you access your local area.

Where possible, we’ll maintain access to homes and businesses and provide advance notice to residents about any short-term impacts.

Detours, signage and traffic controllers will be in place to ensure all road users and pedestrians are able to safely navigate around our work areas.

Bowman Drive

Temporary access change

On Wednesday 30 June, we removed the roundabout and installed temporary traffic lights at the Bowman Drive intersection to help move traffic safely while we started to build new lanes.

Please observe directional signage and follow the instructions of our traffic controllers.

Beaumont Crescent

Temporary access change

From Tuesday 15 June, we reopened the right turn from Childs Road into Beaumont Crescent that was temporarily removed in early May.

Permanent access change

In June 2021, we permanently removed the right turn out of Beaumont Crescent.

To turn right from Beaumont Crescent, turn left on Childs Road and make a U-turn at the new U-turn bay before Mindoro Crescent.

Hawkes Drive

Temporary Access Change

Hawkes Drive access has now changed while we remove the roundabout at Bowman Drive.

Between 9.30am and 3pm, Monday to Friday, we’ll reduce Childs Road to one lane so you’ll need to follow on road signage and turn right into Hawkes Drive before the roundabout.

To turn right from Hawkes Drive onto Childs Road at all times from 14 April, you’ll need to turn left onto Childs Road and make a U-turn at Mindoro Crescent.

MRPV Childs Road Hawkes Drive Access Map

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 146.1 KB).

Permanent Access Change

Later in the project, we’ll permanently change Hawkes Drive access to left in and left out only.

Under the new design, permanent changes will be in place to provide safer turning options at nearby intersections.

Mindoro Crescent

Permanent Changes

The upgrade also includes permanently banning the right turn out of Mindoro Crescent.

To turn right from Mindoro Crescent, turn left on Childs Road and make a U-turn at the Dalton Road intersection.

The right turn in to Mindoro Crescent from Childs Road will remain.

MRPV Childs Road Mindoro Crescent access changes map

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 163.0 KB).

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