We’re adding an extra lane on Childs Road between Beaumont Crescent and Prince of Wales Avenue, replacing the roundabout at Bowman Drive to traffic lights and building a new bridge over Darebin Creek.

Works starting February 2021

The Childs Road Upgrade is another step closer, with locally based Ace Contractors Group being awarded the contract to build the project.

In February we'll start relocating and protecting underground utility services. We’ll also continue site investigations to better understand the ground conditions before we start major construction.

As most of this work will be carried out beside the road, you won’t see a great deal of construction activity until April. You may notice some larger machinery on site, while we continue utility investigations and soil testing.

We'll set up our site office in March ahead of major construction starting in April. This will include:

  • tree and vegetation removal
  • installing temporary fencing and traffic barriers
  • removing the roundabout at Bowman Drive and adding temporary traffic lights to prepare for the new intersection with traffic lights
  • using large machinery to prepare the ground for the new road.

What can you expect?

To complete these works safely, we’ll need to close lanes and reduce speed limits.

We’ll carefully plan our work to minimise disruptions and provide you with advance notice of scheduled changes so you can plan your movements.

We’ll keep you informed through regular emails, SMS, project updates, electronic message boards, and a 24-hour contact phone line.

Working hours

Most of our works will take place between 9.30am to 3pm, Monday to Friday to avoid impacting the busy school drop-off and pick-up times. On Saturdays we’ll work from 7am to 5pm.

Some works will need to occur overnight. When this is required, we’ll provide plenty of notice.

Noise and vibration

There will be some noise and vibration during construction. Noise and vibration may be generated from moving vehicles, machinery, rock breaking, reversing beepers or generators used to power equipment.

We’ll make every effort to minimise any impacts on local residents during these works by:

  • scheduling noisy activities in day-time construction hours
  • providing local residents and businesses with advance notice about any out-of-hours works
  • fitting machinery with engine noise reduction equipment
  • monitoring noise in areas adjacent to residential and commercial properties.

Traffic, cyclists and pedestrians

There will be changes to traffic conditions including temporary traffic lights, lane closures, speed limit reductions, permanent local road access changes and overnight bridge closures with detours.

We’ll need to move bus stops temporarily whilst we add the extra lane and pedestrians may need to walk a little further to get around. We’ll notify you of these changes before they happen.


Homes and businesses

We’ll endeavour to maintain access to homes and businesses along Childs Road at all times but will ensure notification is provided to residents regarding any future impacts.

Lalor North Secondary College

Most of our works will take place between 9.30am to 3pm to avoid impacting the busy school drop-off and pick-up times.

Access changes

The upgrade to Childs Road includes changing access to some local side streets including Hawkes Drive, Beaumont Crescent and Mindoro Crescent.

The changes will provide better east-west connectivity and improve traffic flow and safety for all road users by reducing the likelihood and severity of crashes. Under the new design, permanent changes will be in place to provide safe turning options at nearby intersections.

We’ll provide residents with as much notice as possible about when the permanent changes will come into effect.

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