We’ve added extra lanes to 24kms of the Tullamarine Freeway in each direction between the Bolte Bridge and Melbourne Airport.


We started work to upgrade the CityLink Tulla Freeway between Bulla Road and Power Street in October 2015. We finished work on this section in December 2017.

As part of Stage 1 of the upgrade, we:

  • added new lanes in both directions
  • added a new separated road to Bell Street from the Tullamarine and Calder freeways
  • added a new Bell Street to Pascoe Vale Road connection
  • upgraded the interchange at Flemington Road and Mount Alexander Road
  • upgraded the Bolte Bridge and West Gate Freeway connection
  • installed a new freeway management system and incident response system.

New separated road to Bell Street

We built a new, two lane road to connect the Calder and Tullamarine freeways to Bell Street. This reduces weaving, which is a major cause of congestion in this area.

We permanently closed the old inbound Bell Street exit on the Tullamarine Freeway. The new Bulla Road and Bell Street exit opened in July 2017 and they are your last opportunity to exit before entering CityLink.

Bell Street interchange upgrade

At Bell Street interchange, we:

  • built a wider and longer freeway entry ramp with new traffic signals
  • built a new bridge connecting Bell Street to Pascoe Vale Road.

Entry ramp signals control the flow of traffic and ease congestion on the freeway.

Flemington Road / Mount Alexander Road interchange upgrade

We made this busy interchange safer and more reliable by changing how traffic flows through the area.

As part of this upgrade, we:

  • added a new-two lane bridge connecting Mount Alexander Road to Flemington Road
  • added two new lanes on the Flemington Road exit ramp
  • removed access from Lennon Street to Boundary Road
  • added a new shared walking and cycling path on the Mount Alexander Road Bridge
  • changed traffic light sequences throughout the interchange to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Upgrading the Bolte Bridge inbound connections to the West Gate Freeway

We added extra lanes and new technology on the Bolte Bridge and West Gate Freeway to reduce congestion and improve safety.

West Gate Freeway improvements

We built an extra freeway lane and installed new technologies to help you merge more safely onto the freeway during peak times on the West Gate Freeway.

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