We’ve added extra lanes to 24kms of the Tullamarine Freeway in each direction between the Bolte Bridge and Melbourne Airport.


We’ve upgraded an 8km section of the Tullamarine Freeway between Bulla Road and Melbourne Airport.

For Stage 2 of the upgrade, we:

  • added an extra lane in each direction
  • upgraded the Mickleham Road interchange
  • built a new separated road and earlier exit to the M80 Ring Road
  • rebuilt the English Street Bridge
  • built a new separated road and earlier exit to English Street and Matthews Avenue
  • installed new ramp signals to control the flow of traffic entering from the Calder Freeway
  • built a bus bridge to give priority to buses exiting the airport and travelling towards the city
  • installed new ramp signals to control the flow of traffic entering the Tulla Freeway.

Upgrades to Mickleham Road interchange

As part of the upgrade, we:

  • added a new, dedicated lane between Mickleham Road and the M80 Ring Road
  • added a new lane from the Tullamarine Freeway to the M80 before the Mickleham Road entry
  • added an extra lane on the Mickleham Road entry to the Tullamarine Freeway
  • raised the Tullamarine Freeway link to the M80 to cross over Mickleham Road
  • installed new ramp signals on the Mickleham Road entry.

English Street and Matthews Avenue

We’ve built a new dedicated exit for northbound traffic to access Essendon Fields and Airport West via English Street. The new exit begins at Bulla Road, 2.3kms earlier than the original exit.

You’ll no longer need to weave or merge across fast-moving traffic at the English Street exit ramp. You’ll also no longer queue to exit the freeway.

English Street bridge

We’ve rebuilt the English Street Bridge to cater for the widened Tullamarine Freeway and to improve your access to Essendon Fields.

We’ve also widened the bridge and added extra right-hand turn lanes for when you head to the city and Melbourne Airport. And, we’ve replaced the two pedestrian bridges at Vaughan and Earl Streets, so we could widen the freeway underneath.

Calder Freeway ramp signals

A large number of people take trips from the Calder Freeway to the Tullamarine Freeway every day. Ramp signals let us manage traffic flow both on the freeways and at their merge-points.

We’ve installed ramp signals, and in some cases widened the ramps on the Calder Freeway. The 7 ramps we’ve upgraded are:

  • Kings Road
  • Melton Highway
  • Green Gully Road
  • Keilor Park Drive
  • M80 Ring Road
  • Moorna Drive
  • McNamara Avenue.

We switched these signals on in June 2018.

Current works

While all major works are complete, there are some minor activities that we'll be finishing in early 2019.

These minor works include:

  • freeway ramp signals - data collection and activiation
  • bridge strengthening
  • service installation and drainage
  • painting
  • landscaping.

We expect all of these works to be complete by early 2019.

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