We’re adding extra lanes on Craigieburn Road between Hume Highway and Mickleham Road as well as upgrading intersections and building better walking, cycling and public transport connections.

Frequently asked questions

I live nearby. What can I expect?

During major construction, we’ll use trucks, excavators and other machinery to complete the works. You may experience some noise and vibration and be able to see machinery from time to time.

We’ll do our best to minimise our construction impacts and will continue to monitor noise and vibration levels during the works.

Will there be nightworks?

We’ll mostly work during the day but there may be some periods of 24/7 works so we can finish the works sooner and avoid prolonged disruptions to local schools, residents and businesses in the area.

When we need to work at night, we’ll notify affected residents and businesses well in advance so you can plan alternative arrangements if required.

Why restrict right-hand turn access?

  • Safety – we restrict right-hand turn access in order to keep the road as safe as possible and avoid cars crossing multiple lanes of traffic. ‘Left-in’ and ‘left-out only’ is safer. Reducing the number of right-hand turns across multiple lanes of traffic also reduces the chance of side impact collisions (often called ‘T-bones’).
  • Improved traffic flow – when we control the places where cars can turn right, we reduce congestion by minimising the ‘queues’ that may form behind them. This improves traffic flow and helps minimise congestion.

How will traffic lights improve travel along Craigieburn Road?

Due to the high levels of traffic on Craigieburn Road, installing new traffic lights and upgrading existing intersections will improve traffic flow and journey reliability.

During peak periods, traffic lights ensure that traffic movements flow more efficiently, improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists and make it easier for motorists on adjoining roads to cross or enter Craigieburn Road.

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