We’ve built the 6km Drysdale Bypass between Jetty Road and Whitcombes Road to improve safety and ease congestion on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Trees and vegetation

During the planning of the Drysdale Bypass, we worked closely with Bellarine Landcare. Together, we developed an Indigenous landscaping plan to ensure the area is suitably revegetated with a significant number of Indigenous plants and trees.

To protect the wildlife, our independent ecologist surveyed the area and safely relocated local animals to nearby habitats.

We’ve retained and will re-use some of the trees. We mulched the trees that couldn't be retained on site and used this mulch in landscaping on the project site.

As part of the project, more than 120,000 trees, plants, grasses and ground coverings, native to the Bellarine, are being planted along the alignment to enhance the roadside reserves and conserve animal habitats.

Landscaping works began at the start of 2020 and will continue after the road is open to traffic.

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